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Best 529 College Savings Plans

For many parents out there, one of the biggest concerns is providing their children with a college education. We have done shows in the past about the benefits of 529 savings plans and, in today’s show, we revisit this topic and update you guys on the best plans of 2012.

529 College Savings and ‘The 2009 Stimulus’

Today's show is brimming with information. In the first half of the show, I share a research study done by Consumer Reports in their Consumer Reports Money Adviser. In the report, they compare some of the best and the worst 529 college savings plans around the nation....

Wealth Multiplier | Your Comprehensive Guide

Wealth Multiplier | Your Comprehensive Guide

Home > Investing > Wealth Building There’s a reason why Albert Einstein called compounding interest the eighth wonder of the world. The magic of investing over long periods of time can be difficult to understand, but our Money Guy Wealth Multiplier breaks it...