The Money Guy Show | Investing, Tax, Estate, Retirement, Insurance, Spending, Saving, and Wealth Building Advice Going beyond common sense and helping you make smart financial decisions. 2017-10-20T20:52:23Z WordPress 2006-2017 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Financial Decisions That Will Terrify You]]> 2017-10-20T19:01:54Z 2017-10-20T19:01:54Z In this special Halloween episode of The Money Guy Show, we share financial decisions that will terrify you! Tune in as we discuss 6 BIG BAD SCARY FINANCIAL DECISIONS and 6 SUPER SCARY GOOD DECISIONS.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Annuities: What They Are and What You Need to Know Before Buying One]]> 2017-10-18T18:03:20Z 2017-10-18T18:03:20Z Annuities What They Are and What You Need to Know Before Buying OneLet's take a look at how annuities function and what you need to know before buying one.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[6 Types of Insurance That Can Keep You Out of Trouble]]> 2017-10-06T19:43:04Z 2017-10-06T19:00:37Z Tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show to learn about the types of insurances you need - and don't need - to keep yourself out of trouble and what you value safe.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What it Looks Like to Be Financially Organized]]> 2017-09-25T17:41:03Z 2017-09-25T18:00:19Z what it looks like to be financially organizedEveryone agrees that being financially organized makes managing money a whole lot easier. But how do you know where to begin? If you’re wondering what goes into being financially organized, you’ve landed in the right place. Not too many people are overly enthusiastic about setting aside time to go through all their financial documents to […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Equifax Data Breach: What You Need to Know]]> 2017-09-25T16:19:07Z 2017-09-22T19:00:35Z Equifax Data Breach: What You Need to Know to Protect YourselfIf one of the three major credit reporting agencies can be hacked, is any of our information really safe? Tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show where we review all the ways your credit is used and what impact the Equifax data breach has on your sensitive personal information.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Number One Reason Your Money Isn’t Growing]]> 2017-09-14T20:57:26Z 2017-09-14T19:00:20Z the number one reason your money isn't growingFinancial success doesn’t happen in a day, but it can happen over time. If it seems like your money isn’t following an upward trajectory, there may be a simple reason why.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Financial Advice for Teenagers: Ways to Win With Money!]]> 2017-09-08T21:27:07Z 2017-09-08T19:05:33Z financial advice for teens ways to win with moneyIn this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we tackle the money concepts we think are important to start mastering as a teenager. Having winning financial knowledge as early as possible can have a significant impact on future financial success.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Don’t Let These Obstacles Ruin Your Retirement]]> 2017-08-26T21:46:32Z 2017-08-25T19:00:17Z Don’t Let These Obstacles Ruin Your RetirementKnowing what obstacles may try to come between you and your retirement can help ensure you are able to avoid and overcome them.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Least Likely Places You Ever Thought You’d Find More Income]]> 2017-08-26T14:49:01Z 2017-08-25T18:30:11Z The Least Likely Places You Ever Thought You'd Find More IncomeSaving is important, but so is your ability to earn more money. Think outside the box with us as we share the least likely places you ever thought you could earn more income.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Doing This One Thing Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Every Year]]> 2017-08-17T17:26:53Z 2017-08-17T17:26:53Z Doing This One Thing Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Every YearEveryday expenses eat into the budget, but there is a way to pay less if you know what to look for.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What You Need to Know About Using Retirement Funds Early]]> 2017-08-12T13:06:55Z 2017-08-11T19:00:15Z what you need to know about accessing your retirement funds earlyIf you ever wondered what would happen if you dipped into your retirement savings before turning fifty-nine and half years old, this episode is for you. This is a cautionary tale about when it *might* make sense to withdraw retirement funds before you retire.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What Type of Bank is Right for You?]]> 2017-08-11T15:18:28Z 2017-08-11T15:10:23Z what type of bank is right for youYou have a lot of options when it comes to which banking institution you use for your day-to-day finances, so be selective with who earns your business.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Raising Financially Responsible Teenagers: 10 Ways to Turn Everyday Life into Teachable Moments]]> 2017-08-03T11:47:25Z 2017-08-03T15:00:56Z Raising Financially Responsible Teenagers: 10 Ways to Turn Everyday Life into Teachable MomentsBeing smart with money is learned, so teach your young adults what they need to know to be financially successful.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Do This With Your Money to Live Like No One Else]]> 2017-07-29T13:05:49Z 2017-07-28T19:00:13Z Do This With Your Money to Live Like No One ElseKnowing how to prioritize your money is what we talk about in this week's episode of The Money Guy Show. We share some simple guidelines that will better inform you as to where your next dollar should go. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Transition into Retirement Seamlessly by Following these 5 Important Rules]]> 2017-07-27T14:12:49Z 2017-07-27T14:12:49Z Transition into Retirement Seamlessly by Following these 5 Important RulesWhether you’re saving for retirement or preparing for retirement within the next few years, here’s what you need to know to successfully slip into your golden years. If you’ve been planning accordingly, you’ll be able to retire when you’re ready. Some people will ease into retirement slowly by continuing to work, but at a limited […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Get on the Same Page About Finances]]> 2017-07-20T18:06:39Z 2017-07-20T18:04:58Z How to Get on the Same Page with Your Spouse About FinancesYou don’t have to be a couple that argues about money to be out-of-step financially. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Zombie Effect: How to Escape The Walking Debt]]> 2017-07-15T13:21:22Z 2017-07-14T18:36:49Z How to Escape The Walking DebtYou don't have to be a die-hard The Walking Dead fan to appreciate the allusion for this week's podcast. As financial advisors, we can draw parallels between a fictitious zombie apocalypse and the type of real apocalypse that debt can cause in people's lives. Tune in to this week's episode of The Money Guy Show as we prepare you against the zombie effect of debt and train you to leverage it as a tool instead.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[7 Ways to Successfully Save Money on Your Next Vacation]]> 2017-07-13T13:47:08Z 2017-07-13T13:47:08Z 7 Ways Successfully Save Money on Your Next VacationHere are seven sure fire ways you can take that long anticipated vacation and successfully save some money, too.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[11 Hallmark Signs You’re a Financial Success]]> 2017-07-01T15:03:07Z 2017-06-30T14:25:04Z hallmark signs you're going to be a financial successDo you exhibit these hallmark signs of being a financial rock star? Chances are that most, if not all, of these signs look familiar to you. But are you doing your part in each of these areas to reach your financial potential?]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Index Funds 101: How to Pick ‘Em]]> 2017-06-28T22:26:18Z 2017-06-28T22:26:18Z how to pick index fundsWith nearly 2000 index funds to choose from, finding one that speaks to you and your financial goals can be a little tricky. You don’t have the time to sift through thousands of options, so here is a simple guide to help you decide which index funds are right for you.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Getting Out of Your Own Way to Achieve Financial Independence]]> 2017-06-24T16:38:34Z 2017-06-23T16:38:12Z Getting Out of Your Own Way to Achieve Financial IndependenceIf you're like most people, you're probably your own worst enemy when it comes to achieving financial independence. Here is a list of the 9 ways you may be sabotaging your financial success.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Win Friends and Influence Your Wallet]]> 2017-06-17T11:06:35Z 2017-06-16T19:48:36Z How to Win Friends and Influence Your WalletIn this episode of The Money Guy Show, we're sharing the super-hero skill set you need to effectively complain to come out ahead economically. We also reveal the five things you can do so you aren't taken advantage of by your beloved service providers.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[6 Simple Ways to Save Even More Money Instantly]]> 2017-06-13T23:29:34Z 2017-06-13T23:29:34Z 6 Simple Ways to Save Even More Money InstantlyTrimming costs and being strategic about how to meet financial needs can add up to meaningful savings. Addressing a handful of expenses one by one, here are suggestions to help you save more money now.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Know If Your Financial Advisor is Working Against You]]> 2017-06-02T22:00:47Z 2017-06-02T21:43:53Z is your financial advisor working against youIn this episode of The Money Guy Show, we walk you through five red flag warnings that your financial advisor may not be representing your best interests. Tune in to learn the ways in which a financial advisor may be working against you and what you can do to protect yourself and your finances. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The 1 Thing You Need to Do to Build Financial Independence]]> 2017-05-19T14:42:55Z 2017-05-19T13:57:47Z The 1 Thing You Need to Do to Build Financial IndependenceEver wonder if there was one thing in particular you could do that would truly help you build financial independence? While we share this simple concept in many of our podcast episodes, this is the first time we are dedicating an entire episode of The Money Guy Show to it. Tune in to find out how to implement the concept of forced scarcity into your day-to-day life and what it can do for your long-term financial situation.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[11 Signs You’re Going to Be a Financial Success]]> 2017-05-11T16:21:30Z 2017-05-11T16:21:30Z 11 signs you're going to be a financial successAre you on the path to financial success? There are a few tell-tale ways to know if you are. Becoming a financial success is within reach for most people. This is likely to be different for everyone, but the bottom line is that financial independence is possible when you maximize your financial resources to their […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Avoid Becoming a Miserable Financial Miser]]> 2017-05-06T13:15:00Z 2017-05-05T16:18:24Z How to Avoid Becoming a Miserable Financial MiserDon’t become an asset hoarder that distorts the benefits of being financially responsible.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Stress Test Your Financial Plan]]> 2017-05-01T17:20:18Z 2017-05-01T17:20:18Z How to Stress Test Your Financial PlanSo, you have some semblance of a financial plan, but do you know if it’s built to withstand an unexpected setback?]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Take the ‘Wealth’ Less Traveled: Insights on Success & Pursuing Your Passion]]> 2017-04-22T07:11:42Z 2017-04-21T16:59:52Z how to take the wealth less traveledWhat would it take for you to step outside your comfort zone, to take a risk and pursue your dreams? In this episode, we give you the benefit of our experience and the preparation you need to be successful in whatever endeavor you pursue.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[A Quick Guide to Life Insurance for Every Generation]]> 2017-04-19T14:37:37Z 2017-04-19T14:37:37Z A Quick Guide to Life Insurance for Every GenerationYour life insurance needs change over time. Here’s what you need to know about life insurance depending on your stage of life.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Here’s Your Tax Filing Day Checklist: Make Sure You Do These 6 Things]]> 2017-04-14T19:08:14Z 2017-04-14T19:08:14Z Here's Your Tax Filing Day Checklist: Make Sure You Do These 6 ThingsApril 18 is coming fast, and if you haven’t filed your tax return yet, here are some quick things you ought to make sure you do first.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Ways to Tackle Education Planning as Life Happens]]> 2017-04-20T16:29:48Z 2017-04-07T15:19:42Z Ways to Tackle Education Planning When Life HappensIn this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we talk about all the ways you can plan for your child's education and which tools will be most flexible for you no matter what path your child takes.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Conflicts of Interest in Financial Services: How Every Investor Can Learn to Spot Them]]> 2017-03-31T17:00:03Z 2017-03-31T17:00:03Z Conflicts of Interest in Financial Services: How Every Investor Can Learn to Spot ThemAs an investor, there are certain conflicts of interest you can learn to spot – and avoid – to help protect yourself and your money from potential harm by representatives of the financial industry. Here’s a quick rundown every investor can use to spot conflicts of interest and ways you can avoid or minimize your exposure to conflict risks.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Best Investment That Only 20% of Investors Have]]> 2017-03-25T13:27:59Z 2017-03-25T02:45:08Z The Best Investment That Only 20% of Investors HavePrepare to get a little nerdy with us as we dissect index funds, and why they are the best investment that only 20% of investors have.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[6 Super Easy Ways to Save Big on Your Taxes this Year]]> 2017-03-20T20:52:18Z 2017-03-20T20:52:18Z 6 Super Easy Ways to Save Big on Your Taxes This YearDepending on your personal situation, tax preparation can be as simple as organizing your statements or complicated as a result of owning a business, taking distributions, or having to file an extension for whatever reason. Regardless of your personal situation, there are a few tricks you can use to save some money on your taxes this year.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[10 Most Valuable Personal Finance Websites in 2017]]> 2017-03-10T20:46:47Z 2017-03-10T20:46:46Z 10 Most Valuable Personal Finance Websites in 2017Succeeding with your personal finances starts with making smart money decisions. Fortunately, there is plenty of financial information available at your fingertips thanks to technology and, of course, Google. While you don’t have to undertake all your financial matters on your own, some financial decisions will fall squarely on you and your family. Financial decisions […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Win in Finance Like Warren Buffett]]> 2017-03-12T19:16:22Z 2017-03-10T20:36:13Z How to Win in Finance Like Warren BuffettTune in to hear us share ways you can win in finance like Warren Buffett. We'll explore the traits and behaviors that have made him such a financial success and how all of us can put his good money examples to work in our own lives.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Overcome a Bad Financial Advisor Experience]]> 2017-03-03T17:32:09Z 2017-03-03T17:24:11Z how to overcome a bad financial advisor experienceWorking with a financial professional should provide value to you and your financial life. But when you’ve had a negative experience with a financial advisor, it can be challenging to overcome successfully.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[10 Huge Tax Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make]]> 2017-03-01T22:13:11Z 2017-02-24T18:31:11Z 10 huge tax mistakes you don't want to makeWith over two decades of tax preparation experience, this Money Guy Show episode shares tax preparation tips that you've probably never heard of before. We want to help you avoid the most common mistakes that people make when filing their income tax returns.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[6 Signs Your Money is Properly Diversified]]> 2017-02-23T17:33:46Z 2017-02-23T17:33:46Z 6 signs your money is properly diversifiedFor most investors, you know that having a diversified portfolio is a best practice you ought to be following. But many people think they’re diversified when they’re really not.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[20 Things Everyone Should Know About the Financial Industry]]> 2017-02-15T17:28:57Z 2017-02-15T17:28:57Z 20 Things Everyone Should Know About the Financial IndustryWhen it comes to selecting the right financial professional for your specific needs, it might not take long before you scratch your head wondering where to start or what qualities and credentials are non-negotiable for you and your family. Simply log onto the internet and you’ll find that there is no shortage of financial education, […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What to Do With Your Retirement Assets When You Change Jobs (or Retire)]]> 2017-02-10T23:45:09Z 2017-02-10T23:04:22Z what to do with your retirement assets when you change jobsIn this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, we let you know how to assess the options for your money when you change jobs, or retire, and what you should consider before making your final decision. Wondering what to do with your retirement assets may be a detail that slips your mind in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of such a transition. That being said, you'll want to make a decision sooner rather than later over what to do with your hard-earned dollars when you leave an employer who provided your retirement plan. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Eyebrow-Raising Facts About How the Top 1 Percent Manages Wealth]]> 2017-01-28T11:38:41Z 2017-01-28T06:35:45Z Eyebrow-Raising Facts About How the Top 1 Percent Manages WealthEver wonder what is considered the top 1 percent of income earners in the United States? Or how they wind up managing their wealth differently from those of us still building wealth? Well, we've gotten some questions from our listeners about what to do with your wealth once you cross a certain threshold and how to approach some of the "fancier" products on the market that are designed specifically for people with sizable assets. The truth behind the top 1 percent of high income earners and what they do with their wealth may surprise you.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Setting the Amount You Need for Retirement the Right Way]]> 2017-05-05T00:26:59Z 2017-01-13T21:18:23Z Setting Your Retirement NumberIt's the beginning of a New Year and you may be wondering if you're doing everything you should be doing right now in order to secure enough money for your eventual retirement needs. Taking a pulse of where you are financially and how you measure up against other people in your age range is a wise step towards making sure you stay on track financially. It's not enough to simply hope there will be enough money for you to retire comfortably. That's why we dedicated this episode of The Money Guy Show to helping our listeners know where you are and what you can do to work towards a better retirement.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Are You Making These Retirement Mistakes and Don’t Even Know It?]]> 2017-01-07T16:13:29Z 2017-01-07T16:13:29Z Are you making these retirement mistakes without even knowing itWhether you’re 30 years old or 60 years old, planning and preparing for retirement is something no one wants to screw up. When you’re younger, you may be hoping or wondering if you’re doing everything you should be in order to secure your financial future decades from now. When you’re closer to retirement age, you […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Build a Better Retirement in 2017]]> 2016-12-31T08:45:46Z 2016-12-31T01:12:34Z how to build a better retirementIt's the end of 2016 and the beginning of a New Year. Now is the perfect time to look forward to opportunities that are going to best help you reach your long-term financial goals. What better tools do we have to prepare for our future than retirement savings accounts? And with so many different types, it can get confusing over which ones to choose from. We take a deep dive into the different retirement planning tools you can use to build a better retirement in this episode of The Money Guy Show.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Approach Investing When the Markets Reach All-Time Highs]]> 2016-12-23T22:15:34Z 2016-12-23T22:07:29Z How to Approach Investing When the Markets Reach All-Time HighsWith the DOW Jones Industrial Average striving to reach 20,000 (19,933.81 as of December 23), it creates an investment environment that can easily send investors into a frenzy over what sorts of investment moves should be made. Understandably, investors don't want to lose out on the upside of the recent market upswing, but there are a few ways to set yourself up for success so that you don't need to make any rash money moves based on a reaction to current market trends.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Ways to Overcome Investment Analysis Paralysis]]> 2016-12-17T08:59:25Z 2016-12-16T19:27:34Z Ways to Overcome Investment Analysis ParalysisIf you've been watching the markets these last several weeks, you may be wondering what you should be doing with your investments. Rest easy, because in this episode of The Money Guy Show, we take a stroll down memory lane to explore how markets have performed over the last seventy years and what investors should do today when market performance is at an all-time high.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What’s Your Money Mindset? Here’s 3 Ways to Find Out]]> 2016-12-09T19:56:16Z 2016-12-09T19:56:16Z How you think can often lead to how you act. When it comes to your finances this is true also. In fact, your money mindset can determine whether or not you’re successful in reaching your financial goals by how you think and approach your financial life. Do you have a positive money mindset or a […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[3 Ways to Understand Your Money Mindset]]> 2016-12-02T22:02:33Z 2016-12-02T18:49:34Z 3 ways to understand your money mindsetIf you're wondering how to create a money mindset that leads to financial success, this is the show for you. In this episode we walk you through the three critical areas where you can shape how you think and feel about your finances so that you're better prepared to see opportunities and pursue your dreams. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The 10 Biggest Black Friday Blunders (and how to avoid them)]]> 2016-11-23T17:56:50Z 2016-11-23T17:56:50Z The 10 Biggest Black Friday BlundersBlack Friday is practically here and you're eager to get out there and take advantage of some major deals. Before you head out on the busiest shopping day of the year, here are a few very important Black Friday blunders you'll want to make sure you avoid!]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Be a Retail Rambo this Black Friday]]> 2016-11-19T00:28:21Z 2016-11-18T21:23:19Z how to be a retail rambo on black fridayBlack Friday is coming and we want to prepare our listeners to be judicious spenders and maximize your hard earned dollars this holiday shopping season. In this episode of The Money Guy Show, we walk you through how to avoid the Black Friday gimmicks and get the greatest bang for your buck. Hold on tight, because we cover a lot of ground in this fun segment of our podcast. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Post-Election Finances: What to Do Now About Your Finances]]> 2016-11-14T15:41:47Z 2016-11-14T15:41:47Z Post-Election Finances: What to Do Now About Your FinancesIt is quite normal to feel a certain amount of angst about your personal finances after such a contentious presidential election season. But as the dust settles and Americans reassess where they stand on the other side of Election Day, what is the immediate and long-term impact on personal finances? ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Survive and Thrive Financially From This Year’s Presidential Election]]> 2016-11-05T01:17:26Z 2016-11-04T20:46:18Z This year's presidential election has a lot of investors on edge over what the outcome will mean to their bottom line. That's why in this week's episode of The Money Guy Show, Bo and I are talking about all the ways you can survive and prosper financially regardless of who gets elected into office come November 8.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Ways to Overcome Financial Fears]]> 2016-10-28T18:43:09Z 2016-10-28T18:43:09Z 5 Ways to Overcome Financial FearFinancial fears are perfectly normal, but if they are getting in the way of your financial success it’s time to make a change. Taking the right steps can help you overcome your financial fears and take advantage of financial opportunity instead.  It’s not uncommon for Americans to feel weighed down by their financial fears. In […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Maximizing the Magic: All the Ways You Can Save Money at Walt Disney World]]> 2016-10-21T18:38:34Z 2016-10-21T17:40:03Z In this episode of The Money Guy Show, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you stretch your wallet and maximize your time when you plan your next Disney getaway. Tune in to hear Brian and Bo share their insights for maximizing the magic at Walt Disney World and also get an inside peek at Brian's most recent family trip to Disney World while Hurricane Matthew slammed the east coast.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Leverage Fear for Financial Opportunity]]> 2016-10-07T23:27:27Z 2016-10-07T20:33:55Z Everyone has fears. It's what you do with fear that determines whether or not you will allow it to help you or hurt you. In this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo explore how investors can leverage fear to their financial advantage and discuss the steps you can take to overcome your fears to reach success.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Finances Simple]]> 2016-09-30T14:33:47Z 2016-09-30T14:33:47Z At The Money Guy Show, we subscribe to the fundamental belief that complicated does not mean better when it comes to your finances. In fact, we work with our clients to keep finances as simple as possible, not just for your own convenience – but also for your benefit. With there being so many different financial […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[3 Steps You Can Take So You Don’t Screw Up Your Portfolio]]> 2017-02-15T17:08:17Z 2016-09-23T16:01:45Z There are a series of things you can do in order to set yourself up for financial success. Likewise, there are a set of things that maybe you're not doing that could be negatively impacting your financial portfolio. In this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo walk listeners through the three easy steps you can take so you don't screw up your portfolio.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Best Money Advice You Can Put Into Practice Today]]> 2016-09-16T20:58:52Z 2016-09-16T20:58:52Z Did you ever wonder what the best money advice that you’ve ever received was? This answer can certainly vary from person to person depending on who you ask and what their experience with money has been. So we decided to ask some of our financially-minded colleagues how they would answer this question. What we discovered […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Best Money Advice You’ve Ever Received]]> 2016-12-19T14:17:59Z 2016-09-09T16:03:52Z Have you ever stopped to think about what the best money advice you've ever received was? It's quite the loaded question that takes a little contemplation. Well, that's exactly what we do on this episode of The Money Guy Show. And what's even better? We invited a few of our friends to share their answer to this deep question with our listeners. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Ways to Build Wealth (and live a happier life)]]> 2016-09-09T16:05:33Z 2016-09-02T20:10:17Z Financial security and stability is something that most people want. It’s also something that most people aren’t entirely sure they have.  According to GoBanking Rates, 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved in their bank account. The Federal Reserve Board reports that as many as 47% of Americans wouldn’t be able to cover a […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now About Building Wealth]]> 2016-09-27T20:01:45Z 2016-08-26T18:14:24Z the money guy showIn this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo discuss the five biggest tips the future wealthy you would want you to know right now about building wealth. This is a truly universal topic that applies to everyone - every age and every income level.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Health Savings Accounts 101: Everything You Need to Know]]> 2016-08-19T18:43:30Z 2016-08-19T18:43:30Z Ever toss and turn at night wondering about all the intricacies of health savings accounts? No? We didn’t think so. But, what if we told you that maybe you should. How comfortable do you feel right now with your choices when making medical decisions? If there is something that has become far more complicated than […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Everything You Never Thought You Needed to Know About Health Savings Accounts]]> 2016-09-27T20:01:50Z 2016-08-12T15:38:32Z health savings accountIn our latest installment of The Money Guy Show, we're tackling the wild topic of Health Savings Accounts. Now, upon first hearing the words "health savings account" you might be thinking you don't need one of those. Listen in, because Brian and Bo unpack this incredibly useful type of savings account and you won't believe the benefits they reveal.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Secrets to All-Inclusive Travel]]> 2016-09-27T20:01:59Z 2016-07-29T14:00:52Z One of the primary things you dream about as you work towards financial independence is the day you get to travel and enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Most of those fantasies include a tropical beach, a cold adult beverage, and the smell of sunscreen. Unfortunately, many of us become such proficient savers that we have a hard time letting go of the purse strings to actually start spending.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[All You Need To Know About ABLE Accounts]]> 2016-09-27T20:02:07Z 2016-07-15T15:28:06Z The ABLE Account is an incredibly valuable new savings vehicle specifically geared for individuals with disabilities. Brian shares his personal experiences raising a special needs child and gets into the details of how these accounts operate. The ABLE Account is essentially a way to save and invest on a tax free basis to use for the support costs of disabled individuals.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Brexit, ETFs and Mutual Funds – What You Need to Know]]> 2016-09-27T20:02:14Z 2016-07-01T15:00:40Z Brian and Bo jump into the Brexit conversation and give you their insight on the events and subsequent market volatility. The guys also talk through the differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds and explain which one may make the most sense for your situation]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Last Week Tonight – Retirement Plans]]> 2016-09-27T20:02:34Z 2016-06-17T14:59:45Z Finally! Someone in the mainstream media caught up with the times and discussed some of the issues within the financial advisory world that we have been sharing with listeners for over a decade now. HBO’s John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, put the commission based financial advisory world on blast by sharing his experience of implementing a 401k plan for the Last Week Tonight staff.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[3 Behavioral Finance Traits You Should Avoid]]> 2016-09-27T20:02:47Z 2016-06-03T15:49:17Z Without a doubt, humans are emotional creatures. You could even argue that we’re drawn to negative behaviors. A large part of becoming better and more efficient with managing your personal finances is to work to control and tame that emotional behavior. In this episode, we address 3 Behavioral Finance Phenomena That Impact Your Finances, and we give you a guide to restore order to financial chaos.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Path to Wealth and Financial Freedom]]> 2016-05-12T12:23:57Z 2016-05-27T13:00:59Z Do you have what it takes to become wealthy? I mean truly wealthy, and not the pretentious examples of wealth that are only defined by luxury cars and guard-gated neighborhoods. If you’ve followed the Money Guy Show for a while and applied some of the tips you’ve learned over the years, perhaps you do. But for […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Use Tax Planning as a Window into Your Financial Future]]> 2017-02-15T17:06:43Z 2016-05-20T15:00:44Z With April behind us, you might feel a sense of relief since you won’t have to deal with anything tax-related for a while. But just because you’ve completed your taxes for the year doesn’t mean you’re done with tax planning. Your tax return can tell you a lot about your financial life. In fact, we like to think of it as the window into all of your most important financial decisions. On this episode, we’ll help you put together your tax planning toolbox by sharing what you need to know to take as many deductions as possible, identify tax savings opportunities, and so much more!]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What You Can Learn from Volatility in the Markets]]> 2016-05-06T22:48:00Z 2016-05-13T13:00:50Z If you’ve watched business news or read any financial publications lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about market volatility. Defined simply as the day-to-day stock market swings, the topic is almost single-handedly responsible for most of the panic-inducing financial headlines produced by the media. Many investors feel anxiety at the mere mention of the word […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Importance of a Proper Estate Plan]]> 2016-09-27T20:02:53Z 2016-05-06T16:00:54Z A few weeks ago, the death of musical icon Prince sent shockwaves through fans around the world. But perhaps what was more shocking than his untimely death, was the revelation that he passed away without a will or proper estate plan in place. Creating an estate plan isn’t something you do for your own benefit -- it’s for the loved ones left behind. Today, we're discussing what you need to structure in your life to ensure you have a solid estate plan in place so you can start developing your own.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Want the Reward? Better Understand Risk]]> 2016-04-29T22:00:14Z 2016-04-29T22:00:14Z In the investing world, risk and reward go hand in hand. The more risk you take on, the higher returns you can expect. And while the key to prudent investing is striking the right balance between appropriate risk and potential reward, many investors find themselves chasing returns to the detriment of their investment portfolio. While […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Breaking Down the It Factor]]> 2016-09-27T20:02:59Z 2016-04-22T15:21:57Z Ever wondered how super-productive people seem to get everything done -- and make it look so easy in the process? You're not alone in asking this question. How do they do it, when we all have the same 24 hours in a day? We're bringing you the answer on this episode of The Money Guy Show! We discuss that elusive it factor and outline the actions that you can take to shift your focus and begin boosting your productivity to reach a higher level.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Ways to Raise Money-Smart Kids]]> 2016-04-14T05:48:16Z 2016-04-15T12:00:41Z Teaching kids how to effectively manage money is one of the most difficult tasks that parents face. We want them to make better financial decisions than we did, but we often spend more time telling our children what they should do, instead of displaying the right behaviors and allowing them to follow in our footsteps. It’s […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Money Guy Mailbag Episode]]> 2016-09-27T20:03:06Z 2016-04-08T15:00:02Z Ever wish the Money Guys would answer YOUR money-related question? That's exactly what we're doing in today's episode, as we answer questions from members of the Money Guy family. A few weeks ago, we asked show listeners on Facebook to tell us what you want covered on the podcast -- and we got a wealth of great topics. Let's dig into the mailbag and respond to the questions that matter to you!]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Is There a Magic Formula to Success?]]> 2016-03-21T20:51:01Z 2016-04-01T17:00:11Z Have you ever been around people where everything they touch seems to turn to gold? They just seem to have door after door open for them, and as a result, they have opportunity after opportunity. Is it because they are smarter than you? Probably not. Did they have some top-secret information that you weren’t privy […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Everything You Need to Know About IRAs]]> 2016-09-27T20:03:15Z 2016-03-25T16:00:15Z How much do you really know about IRAs? When you can choose between Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, and more IRA options, it’s easy to get confused. How can you be sure that you’re choosing the right one? By tuning into the Money Guy Show, of course. On the show today, we’re talking about the evolution of IRAs and why they're not all created equal. We break down each account option available and help you make sense of their long-term benefit to your bottom line.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Tax Cheats and Staying Out of Trouble]]> 2016-03-01T04:32:51Z 2016-03-18T17:00:44Z With the new year in full swing, it’s once again time to start preparing for tax season. This is a crucial time for many taxpayers as they attempt to find a balance between lowering their tax burden — while also avoiding anything remotely suspicious that could catch the watchful eye of the IRS. Every year, […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Financial Order of Operations, Money Guy Style]]> 2016-09-27T20:03:21Z 2016-03-11T17:00:20Z Often, not knowing all the good ways to put money to work for you isn't the problem stopping you from achieving financial success. It's knowing what to do first and how to prioritize when we all have so many competing financial goals. It'd be great if there was a sort of financial order of operations we could use to know the right order of steps to take to build wealth, right? Which is why, on today’s episode, we’re giving you that order of operations for managing your finances. Tune in and learn more!]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What Does a Fed Rate Hike Mean for You?]]> 2016-03-12T03:46:47Z 2016-03-04T17:00:13Z The Federal Reserve recently did something that hadn’t been done in nearly a decade: they raised interest rates. While the move was a tiny, incremental increase (one-quarter of a percentage point), the impact could ultimately affect anyone with a mortgage, auto loans, savings accounts, or money invested in the stock market. What does a Fed rate hike mean for […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Secrets of the Financial Planning Industry]]> 2016-09-27T20:03:26Z 2016-02-26T17:00:22Z Have you ever felt confused about what REALLY goes on in the financial planning industry? Traditionally, financial planning as a profession has lacked transparency, and stories of bad experiences with salespeople disguised as "advisors" deter many people from even trying to seek out reliable, trustworthy financial planners. On today's episode, we're pulling back the curtain to shed light on what really goes on in the financial planning industry, what you need to know to identify sure signs of a good thing and red flags that serve as warnings, and much more.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[HSAs, FSAs, and More, Oh My!]]> 2016-03-12T03:36:35Z 2016-02-19T17:00:34Z Despite the title, HSAs and FSAs aren’t really all that alarming. These accounts are really beneficial if you can take advantage, and the only challenge is in determining which accounts you’re eligible for (and if you qualify for both, determining which of the two makes the most sense for you). HSAs are health savings accounts, […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Spot and Maximize Opportunities]]> 2017-03-31T22:49:27Z 2016-02-12T20:09:42Z There’s not a single person that enjoys missing out on great opportunities -- especially those that have the potential to completely change the trajectory of life. And yet, many of us do this by not recognizing when opportunities are presented, or having all sorts of reasons why we can't pursue them when we DO recognize them. Today, let's talk about how to get past that so you can identify where you can make the most of your unique talents. Tune in and start maximizing the opportunities that come your way!]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[3 Things to Do When the Stock Market Drops]]> 2016-03-12T00:56:22Z 2016-02-05T17:00:41Z The stock market started 2016 on shaky ground, with many indices getting close to (or below) 52-week lows. Regardless of whether you’re an active or passive investor, chances are the fluctuations of the market have affected your investment accounts in some capacity — and they’ve almost certainly impacted your emotions. Many investors get unnecessarily panicked […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Financial Mistakes You Hope Your Friends Will Make]]> 2016-09-27T19:48:41Z 2016-01-29T19:09:44Z It’s always nice to enjoy your hard-earned money -- but not so much that you sabotage your future financial goals. But there may be ways to enjoy all the benefits of vacation homes, specialty vehicles, and other luxury, lifestyle purchases without allowing these potential landmines to derail your long-term financial plans. These are the kind of financial "mistakes" you want to avoid.. but may wish your friends make! It's all in good fun, and this week's episode takes a look at why these kinds of luxury purchases can put you off the path to financial success -- and some smarter, simpler ways to enjoy the good life without losing out on opportunities to grow real wealth.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What Are My Options for Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment?]]> 2016-03-24T18:02:54Z 2016-01-22T17:00:21Z Every year, a new crop of graduates attempts to navigate the post-collegiate economy where finding any job, let alone one in your field of study, is an accomplishment. While some are enjoying marginal success, many more are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the financial burden of student loan debt that rivals their annual take-home […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[All the Financial Advice You Need on an Index Card]]> 2016-09-27T19:50:56Z 2016-01-15T17:00:10Z Happy 2016! The Money-Guys are thrilled to celebrate 10 years of producing The Money Guy Show. It’s been an incredible decade of sharing this podcast with you. Thanks for being along for the ride. On this episode, we want to cover something you might have seen in the news recently: the claim that you can fit all the financial advice you need on an index card. But we’re putting a bit of Money Guy twist on things, and sharing some unique tips and ideas for smart and simple money management.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The 30(ish) Minute Financial Plan]]> 2017-02-15T17:04:08Z 2016-01-01T18:02:06Z Happy New Year, y'all! We want to start your new year off right in this first Money Guy Show episode of 2016. Whether you just started your financial journey or you consider yourself a money master, today's podcast will get you on the right path to financial success. We're bringing you all you need to know to create your own financial plan in just about 30 minutes. Ready to get started?]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Right Money Moves to Get on Track for 2016]]> 2015-12-08T19:55:06Z 2015-12-25T17:00:42Z Does money stress you out? Do you want to improve your financial situation? It’s time to get on the right track with your personal finances and 2016 is the year to do it. If you’re wondering where to start, use this guide that walks you through these money moves to make real progress in the […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[7 Must-Read Books for Success in 2016]]> 2016-09-27T19:51:24Z 2015-12-18T17:00:29Z Get your New Year reading list in order with our 7 must-read book recommendations for 2016. Whether you want to improve your financial health or focus on self-development, these books have you covered. If you’ve ever wondered what information helped shape us into the financial experts we are today, this show provides the answers. After tuning in, don't forget to connect with us on Twitter @MoneyGuyPodcast, or check us out on Facebook. Share your own book recommendations with us on social media -- we’d love to hear what you think we missed.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Invest in Yourself on a Budget]]> 2015-11-19T21:04:53Z 2015-12-11T13:00:56Z Investing in yourself can be one of the most beneficial actions you take in 2016. And this doesn’t need to mean costly higher education. You can invest in yourself on a budget if you consider alternatives for continuing education. Continuing your education can improve your career, inspire you to start a passion project, help you learn a […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Expensive Truth About Annuities]]> 2016-09-27T19:51:36Z 2015-12-04T17:01:32Z Today, we want to expose a few truths about a type of investment that gets a lot of folks in the financial world fired up. We're sharing the truth about annuities on this episode of The Money-Guy Show, and explaining what you need to know about four different types of annuities and the expensive fees associated with each.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Power of Reducing Your Spending]]> 2015-11-06T23:56:11Z 2015-11-27T17:00:11Z Have you ever wanted to make extra money — immediately? Maybe you did a quick Google search on how to earn more and then tried things like selling items online, starting a side hustle, or taking online surveys. These activities can generate extra income. But let’s not forget one of the most powerful ways you can generate […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[7 Steps for Successful Vision Planning in 2016]]> 2016-09-27T19:52:47Z 2015-11-20T16:00:11Z In this episode, your Money Guys cover a few tips on Black Friday shopping before revealing 7 steps you can take to have a successful 2016. If you’ve found you’re not happy with where you are and want to push past boundaries in 2016, this show will leave you feeling inspired to take action.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What to Do with Your Money Instead of Shopping on Black Friday]]> 2015-11-16T15:07:39Z 2015-11-13T16:00:30Z Tired of how early the holiday shopping season starts? This year, make a statement: vote with your dollar and put your money to better use than joining the shopping frenzy on Black Friday. You’ll avoid the crowds (and the consumer culture!), have more time to spend with your loved ones, and build a better financial situation […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[11 Dangerous Financial Mistakes Couples Make]]> 2016-09-27T19:52:56Z 2015-11-06T16:00:14Z Do you and your other half function as a team? If you’re the financially dominant one, do you include your spouse in all financial decisions? Does your spouse understand why you make those decisions? We’re covering these topics and more as we take a deep dive into how couples can successfully manage their financial lives together. Learn the 11 most common -- and dangerous -- mistakes we see couples make with their money, and gain insight into how you can avoid these missteps in your own marriage and life.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Prioritize Your “Next Level” Financial Goals]]> 2015-09-23T17:17:51Z 2015-10-30T16:00:52Z Have you already prioritized having an emergency fund, setting up automatic retirement contributions, and repaying consumer debt? You’re in great shape, but you might be wondering how to prioritize your “next level” financial goals — the ones that aren’t as simple as setting up a monthly transfer to your savings. It’s important to think ahead […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[3 Ways to Make Your Money Go Farther]]> 2016-09-27T19:53:11Z 2015-10-23T16:00:21Z The holidays are fast approaching, and that means holiday shopping. But if you want to learn how to take advantage of sales year-round -- and not just during the holidays -- then you’ll want to tune into this episode. We’re covering 3 simple but often overlooked ways you can make your money go 3 to 5% further than the rest of your peers.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Best Way Frugal Travelers Can Save Money (and Still Have a Great Trip)]]> 2015-12-21T21:02:54Z 2015-10-16T16:00:33Z For frugal individuals who love to travel, it can be difficult to travel regularly, stay on budget and still have a great trip. Luckily, there are certain ways budget travelers can enjoy the sights and keep some money in their pockets — and one of the best is to travel between seasons. If you’ve ever […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Get Out of Traps Laid by Bad Investments]]> 2016-09-27T19:53:19Z 2015-10-09T18:25:20Z Do you feel stuck with an individual stock you bought? Or maybe you bought into a front-loaded mutual fund a while ago, and now you’re not sure what to do with it. Perhaps you’ve got one of those variable annuities and it’s dragging your financial life down. On the show today, we’re talking about financial follies and the traps we fall into from bad investments -- and how to get out of them. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Should You Invest or Pay Down Debt?]]> 2015-09-23T17:27:47Z 2015-10-02T16:00:43Z When you’re young and burdened by debt, making the decision between debt repaying versus investing may seem impossible. How can you invest if all of your extra money goes to debt repayment? While deciding what to do with any extra savings can be tough, it is possible to manage competing financial priorities. Here’s what to […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Have Kids? Here’s How to Save for College]]> 2016-09-27T19:53:30Z 2015-09-25T16:00:59Z If you have children, you know a huge cost you'll face as a parent is higher education. In this episode of The Money-Guy Show, Brian and Bo cover 5 important areas that you need to think about in discovering how to save for college -- including where to put your savings and how to invest in plans like 529s.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Avoid Burning Out on Your Financial Goals]]> 2015-09-22T17:34:32Z 2015-09-18T16:00:33Z If you’re a faithful listener of The Money-Guy Show, you’re probably all about setting goals. We love the process behind creating a plan to achieve your goals, as it forces you to think about the future. It also fosters being more intentional with your time and money. However, it’s possible to get a little too ambitious when […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Rethink the Way You Look at Cash]]> 2016-09-27T19:53:38Z 2015-09-12T00:49:43Z Feel like cash is a boring way to go -- when you could be making great returns in the stock market? Cash may not be as exciting as smart investments, but it's still a vital part of a comprehensive financial plan. This week, Bo and Brian chat about why and how to rethink the way you look at cash.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Get Into Good Financial Shape While You’re Young]]> 2015-09-04T23:42:18Z 2015-09-04T17:00:50Z Improving your financial situation now leads to a better foundation for a great future. Here are a few benefits of getting in good financial shape while you're young.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Are Robo-Advisors the Enemy? With Jon Stein from Betterment]]> 2017-02-15T17:12:40Z 2015-08-28T16:00:12Z Tune in today for an exclusive interview with an industry insider: CEO of robo-advisor platform Betterment, Jon Stein. Brian and Jon talk about everything from the future of the financial advice industry to how Betterment goes beyond technology to help its investors. You don't want to miss this episode of The Money-Guy Show!]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Don’t Get Spooked by Market Volatility]]> 2016-09-27T19:53:52Z 2015-08-26T16:00:46Z This is a special bonus episode of The Money-Guy Show. In light of recent market activity, we're re-releasing a past show that covered the importance of staying rational and understanding what market volatility really means.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[3 Steps to Take When You Ask for a Raise]]> 2015-08-07T16:40:03Z 2015-08-21T17:00:27Z Asking for a raise is one of the most simple and effective ways to increase our earning potential. Yet, how often do we make that ask? Are you guilty of letting the fear of rejection get to you? Does talking money and compensation with your employer make you nervous? It’s time to put those fears […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Tips on Navigating Marriage and Money]]> 2016-09-27T19:54:00Z 2015-08-14T16:00:00Z Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for decades, navigating marriage and money can be tricky. Don't fall victim to financial arguments, miscommunications, and other mistakes. Here's how to blend marriage and money harmoniously so you can enjoy your wedded bliss.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money]]> 2015-08-07T16:43:27Z 2015-08-07T16:00:06Z As a frugal person, do you ever have trouble parting with your hard-earned money? We can’t blame you if you love seeing your bank balances go up, or if you thrive on staying within your budget. However, aren’t there times you wish you could actually enjoy spending your money — without feeling guilty? After years […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[6 Financial Mistakes Pro Athletes Make and How They Apply to You]]> 2016-09-27T19:54:10Z 2015-07-31T17:00:46Z As with most shows on TV, HBO's new show Ballers depicts the pro athlete lifestyle as -- well, “baller.” Unfortunately, this is very different from the reality many athletes face day-to-day. Your Money Guys would know. Brian used to work at a firm assisting A-listers and athletes with their portfolios, and Bo has a few friends in the NFL and MLB. They’ve witnessed countless athletes making the same financial mistakes over and over. In this episode, Brian and Bo review six financial mistakes pro athletes tend to make -- and that you can avoid whether or not you've got millions in your bank account.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Should You Care About Retirement in Your 20s?]]> 2015-07-01T14:47:06Z 2015-07-24T17:00:29Z When you’re young, it may seem like you have your entire life ahead of you to accomplish any financial goals you may have. After all, your student loans are on a 10 year repayment term, retirement is 30 to 40 years away (that’s longer than you’ve been alive!), and you have plans to live it […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[A Musical Money-Guy Mashup]]> 2016-09-27T19:54:17Z 2015-07-17T17:00:03Z Curious about how music relates to your finances? This week, Brian revived an old Money-Guy show from way back in 2013. He takes the 7 principles in The Millionaire Next Door and matched them up with songs and lyrics. Ready to jam?]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Financially Prepare for a Job Loss]]> 2015-06-23T21:29:23Z 2015-07-10T17:00:13Z No one likes to think about the possibility of becoming unemployed, but you can never be too safe when it comes to preparing for financial emergencies. Worrying over how you’re going to pay the bills or stay out of debt is never fun.  Whether or not you think you’ll be facing a period of unemployment […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Avoid Cognitive Investing Biases on the Road to Financial Independence]]> 2016-09-27T19:54:31Z 2015-07-03T17:00:40Z Letting your emotions influence your financial decisions, especially when it comes to your investments, is a bad idea. How can we push our emotions aside so they don’t cause us to make grave mistakes with our portfolio? Brian and Bo give you the answers in this episode, and in honor of Independence Day this weekend, discuss 15 cognitive investing biases to avoid on the road to financial independence.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Forget the Joneses and Embrace Frugality Instead]]> 2015-06-19T14:23:40Z 2015-06-26T17:00:35Z Have you been quick to dismiss frugality? If you’ve found yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses, it’s easy to think frugality restricts us. We’re conditioned to spend our money on the newest things to hit the market in order to appear “cool.” (Apple Watch, we’re looking at you.) We don’t think twice about […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Why (and How) You Need to Plan for the Cost of College]]> 2016-09-27T19:54:38Z 2015-06-19T17:00:31Z Your Money Guys are back on this Podcast Friday to share thoughts around the importance of planning ahead for the cost of college -- and how to do so. Brian and Bo discuss how thinking ahead now can save you from bad financial situations in the future, and share a few tips on steps to take to make sure college costs don't get out of control.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What’s Your Money Personality?]]> 2015-05-20T13:50:55Z 2015-06-12T17:00:04Z We all have intrinsic habits based on how we grew up, experienced formative periods in life, and how we internally relate to the world. You may have already heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test, defined by Extraversion/Introversion, Intuition/Sensing, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving — but did you know you also have your own money personality? It’s true! And […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[A Baby, a Wedding, and a House]]> 2016-09-27T19:54:44Z 2015-06-05T16:00:16Z The Money-Guy Show family has been extremely busy lately! We’re excited to celebrate a number of big life milestones with the leaders of Tightwad Nation. This show is a bit different, as Bo is busy welcoming Baby Hanson to his family. Gabe joins the show today as a guest co-host. He's another UGA grad and soon-to-be CFP® -- and he just got engaged! To celebrate, the podcast covers info and resources on finding the right engagement ring and getting started with your wedding planning. Even if you're already married, Brian and Gabe take a deep dive into this subject and provide a lot of knowledge that you could pass along to other friends and family members who have yet to hit this milestone.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Life Insurance 101: What You Need (and What You Don’t)]]> 2015-05-14T23:25:25Z 2015-05-29T17:00:54Z When you think about life insurance, what comes to mind? Pushy salesmen? Expensive? That it doesn’t apply to you because you’re younger? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to understand what you really need to know about life insurance — and educate yourself on what you don’t need. Many young professionals don’t want to discuss insurance […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[10 Things to Know Before Applying for a Mortgage]]> 2016-09-27T19:54:53Z 2015-05-22T17:00:26Z Remember our rent vs. buy debate discussed in previous episodes of The Money-Guy Show? While that episode covered the arguments for and against both renting and buying, it didn't take a deep dive into the actual process of financing a home. Today, Brian and Bo look at the ins and outs of applying for a mortgage and cover what you need to know before you borrow money.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Build and Manage an Emergency Fund]]> 2015-12-21T21:04:14Z 2015-05-15T17:00:21Z Imagine this: you’re driving your only vehicle to get to work, and suddenly one of your tires blows out. While inconvenient, you know you can replace one tire. You take your car to the shop, only to learn you need to replace all the tires. (Oh, and you should probably get your brakes done, too.) Do you have […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[12 Mistakes to Avoid Making With Your IRA]]> 2016-09-27T20:08:52Z 2015-05-08T17:00:11Z Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are critical in securing financial independence in retirement. Because of this, Brian and Bo took the opportunity to discuss what mistakes they see clients make -- and how you can avoid them. Tune in to learn about 12 errors that lead to financial trouble, and go beyond common sense with the latest advice from The Money Guys.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[4 Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation]]> 2015-04-01T14:02:31Z 2015-05-01T17:00:55Z Have you received a raise recently? Come into an unexpected windfall? Wondering what to do with the extra money? When our paychecks are bigger or our bank accounts are padded, it’s easy to think of all the ways we can spend the extra money: Oh, I can finally take that trip. I can go out with […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Habits of 401(k) Millionaires]]> 2016-09-27T20:11:40Z 2015-04-24T17:00:07Z Think it's impossible to become a 401(k) millionaire? Wondering if you can commit to what's necessary to achieve this big goal? On this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo review a recent study from Fidelity and dive into the 5 habits and actions that can get you to millionaire status in a working career.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[7 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Baby]]> 2015-04-01T13:58:31Z 2015-04-17T17:00:00Z Preparing for a baby takes a lot of work and energy — both spent on practical matters and things just for fun. It’s easy to get lost thinking about what colors to paint the nursery, how you’re going to afford to buy everything your baby might need, and trying to brainstorm the perfect list of names. […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Ways to a Happier Financial Life]]> 2016-09-27T20:11:47Z 2015-04-10T17:00:04Z Who doesn’t want to learn how to live a happier financial life? Here's the good news: The Money-Guy Show explains how in this episode. Brian and Bo review an article from The Wall Street Journal and share 5 simple, common-sense keys to living a happier financial life.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What Are Mid-Term Goals, and How Can You Plan for Them?]]> 2015-12-21T21:02:44Z 2015-04-03T17:00:19Z There’s a lot of life to live between now and retirement. Start saving for your mid-term goals so you can create the life you want without worrying about how you’ll pay for it.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Recapping the 2015 Berkshire Hathaway Letter to Shareholders]]> 2016-09-27T20:12:05Z 2015-03-27T17:00:42Z It's our favorite time of year! Well, it's close for financial fans and money nerds. Here's what's going down: Brian and Bo cover the 2015 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter to Shareholders in this episode of The Money-Guy Show. Here are the highlights from each.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Retirement Savings Plans for Entrepreneurs]]> 2015-03-17T16:00:04Z 2015-03-20T17:00:47Z 70% of entrepreneurs aren’t contributing to a retirement plan. 40% of self-employed individuals aren’t saving regularly, and 28% aren’t saving at all. If you’re behind on saving for retirement, consider these 5 different retirement account options for the self-employed, so you can start saving as soon as possible.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Remembering a Personal Finance Icon and His Timeless Advice]]> 2016-09-27T20:12:28Z 2015-03-13T17:00:14Z This episode of The Money-Guy Show is a reflective one as Brian and Bo pay tribute to Thomas J. Stanley, co-author of the popular personal finance book, “The Millionaire Next Door.” They also discuss the importance of healthcare directives in light of Brian’s father-in-law passing away unexpectedly. As loss is unfortunately inevitable in our lives, Brian is also offering his wisdom on how we can turn loss into motivational fuel.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Serious Impact of Investment Fees]]> 2015-03-06T17:00:02Z 2015-03-06T17:00:54Z If you're not smartly managing your investment fees, you could be sabotaging your nest egg. As an investor, empower yourself with information and do your research on any investment fees before funneling more money into any assets or funds. After all, it’s your hard earned money that you worked for — don’t you want to keep most of it?]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Lump Sum or Payout: How to Withdraw When You Retire]]> 2016-09-27T20:12:34Z 2015-02-27T17:00:30Z This week, your Money Guys tackle a question often asked by their clients in regards to retirement planning: “Should I take a lump sum payment, or a monthly pension payment?” Brian and Bo walk listeners through the same decision-making process they offer their clients. They cover the pros and cons of each option, as well as the factors (and math) you need to take into consideration when making the decision.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Rethinking Your Wants and Needs]]> 2015-02-12T22:21:50Z 2015-02-20T17:00:22Z It's time to take a good hard look at your spending and re-evaluate your wants and needs. Reflect on your values in life and what you’re currently getting out of your expenses. Are they worth the money you’re paying, or would you be better off putting that money to use elsewhere?]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What to Do When Life Happens]]> 2016-09-27T20:12:41Z 2015-02-13T17:00:17Z Here's a simple fact: life happens. Even though we try to plan for everything, we can’t possibly know what life is going to throw at us next. So how can we financially prepare ourselves for life's emergencies? How can we work in financial planning for the unexpected? Today, your Money Guys provide the steps you can take to ensure you’re prepared and can plan for the unexpected.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Investment Mistakes Couples Make]]> 2015-02-06T03:56:05Z 2015-02-06T17:00:42Z Have you talked with your spouse about your investment strategy, or what the purpose is for your investments? Investing can be tricky enough alone, but it’s extremely important to include your other half in investment decisions so that you’re on the same page about how your money is being put to work. Be aware of these 5 common investment mistakes couples make -- so you can avoid them.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Breaking Through the Mystery of Investing]]> 2016-09-27T20:12:50Z 2015-01-30T17:00:39Z Brian and Bo hate to see so many individuals out there put off by the idea of investing. Today, they're showing you how easy it is to get started by breaking through the mystery of investing your money -- because it's the fastest way to grow your wealth.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Fiduciaries: What They Are and Why They Matter]]> 2015-01-20T14:53:39Z 2015-01-23T17:00:29Z That’s why it’s important your financial advisor acts as your fiduciary. A professional who takes a fiduciary oath swears to act in your best interests at all times. Having a financial advisor act as your fiduciary ensures that your needs are put first.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Should You Rent or Buy?]]> 2016-09-27T20:13:02Z 2015-01-16T17:00:57Z Rent or buy? It's a big debate and each side of the argument has its pros and cons -- and your age, your experience, and the way you view your money and your long-term goals can all impact whether you think it's better to rent or buy. In this podcast episode, Brian and Bo cover the emotional aspects of home ownership, when renting may make more sense, and why owning your own home can pay off financially.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Importance of Wills and Estate Planning]]> 2015-01-07T14:34:20Z 2015-01-09T17:00:02Z Do you ever worry about what will happen to your possessions if you pass away? What about your kids? It’s an unsettling thought and as much as we might not want to think about it, it’s a valid concern as no one will live forever. It’s never too early to start thinking about the importance […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What to Look for When You Need a Financial Professional]]> 2016-09-27T20:13:11Z 2015-01-02T17:00:19Z Your Money Guys kick off the first podcast of 2015 with valuable advice on what to look for in a financial professional -- be it a tax preparer, insurance agent, or financial advisor. Nearly everyone uses (or should use!) services provided by these financial pros, so it's important to understand the questions to ask each of these individuals in order to make sure they’re in the right position to help you. This episode will also provide you with a better idea of how to vet each one so that you end up a happy client.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Are Your New Years Resolutions SMART?]]> 2014-12-24T14:06:28Z 2014-12-26T17:00:06Z During this season, it's only natural to start thinking of all the things you want to work on and accomplish when the calendar rolls over next week to a new year. While most New Years resolutions are set with the best of intentions, most of them are broken -- or completely forgotten -- by February. If you want to make 2015 different, you need to make sure your goals are SMART.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Creating a Vision Plan for 2015]]> 2016-09-27T20:13:26Z 2014-12-19T17:00:33Z With this last show of the year, we wanted to do something a little different and get you set up for success in 2015. You can change your life in the new year with the right drive, determination, and dedication to your goals. There are no limits! Brian and Bo walk you through creating a personal vision plan for the new year and offer tips on creating a plan, taking action, and achieving success.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Real Road to Wealth]]> 2015-12-21T21:02:51Z 2014-12-12T17:00:51Z What are you doing to become wealthy? Are you truly happy in life right now? If you can answer a resounding yes, you're the minority. Most individuals aren't on the road to wealth because they take the easy way out in the majority of their financial decisions. That may be harsh, but it’s true. Here's what it takes to get on the right path to financial success.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Financial Decisions to Get Right at Every Stage and Age]]> 2016-09-27T20:17:59Z 2014-12-05T17:00:29Z No matter what your life stage, there are financial decisions to think about -- and to get right. It’s never too early (or too late!) to take smart action and improve your financial situation. In this episode of The Money-Guy Show, the guys are joined by guest Alan Moore of XY Planning Network to discuss the pitfalls, blind spots, and solutions to money matters and problems for all ages.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[5 Steps to Maximize and Manage Your Retirement Savings]]> 2014-11-13T22:32:27Z 2014-11-28T12:00:08Z Get the most out of your contributions. Manage your retirement savings properly with these 5 steps.Generally, maximizing your investments for the future can be boiled down to simply understanding what your choices are and making decisions according to your goals and circumstances. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to dig deep into their options when it comes to retirement plans, and as a result, their earnings suffer. Let's help you avoid that and make sure your plan is on the right track with these 5 steps to better maximizing and managing your retirement savings.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Black Friday and Bad Fees]]> 2016-09-27T20:26:51Z 2014-11-21T17:00:40Z Wait -- what’s a tightwad doing talking about spending money for the holidays? Don't worry, Tightwad Nation. The guys discuss this retail "holiday" as an opportunity to buy things you actually need and at a much lower cost than any other time of the year.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt]]> 2014-11-05T17:53:43Z 2014-11-14T12:00:49Z Debt is often shunned by most financial professionals, and for good reason. Many people go into debt for the wrong reasons, and end up spending more money in interest than they would have if they had just paid in cash. However, that doesn’t mean that all debt is bad for your financial situation. Debt can be leveraged to build wealth when used correctly. Used poorly, and it can set you back quite a bit. There’s a difference between good debt and bad debt -- and it's important to understand what that difference is.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Prioritize Financial Goals]]> 2017-02-15T16:38:06Z 2014-11-07T17:00:31Z Here's how to prioritize your financial goalsThe guys got a great listener question a few months ago -- from a husband and wife team who listen to the podcast together! -- and are taking it on for this episode. The question: how much should you save and invest if you have debt? Brian and Bo answer with some basics we can all abide by when it comes to prioritizing financial goals, and wrap up with a discussion of some of the biggest money-wasters out there.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What Should You Do With Unexpected Income?]]> 2015-12-21T21:03:02Z 2014-10-24T16:54:07Z What would you do with unexpected income received from an inheritance or insurance policy -- or even a big year-end bonus at work? While it's not wise to rely on windfalls as part of your financial plan, you need to think ahead and understand what steps to take should this ever happen. Without a plan, it's easier to use this extra, unexpected money irresponsibly or wastefully. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[What’s Up With Your Credit Score?]]> 2014-10-24T16:53:17Z 2014-10-24T16:53:17Z Do you realize just how important your credit score is? It’s the deciding factor in a number of situations -- strictly financial or otherwise -- and it has the potential to make or break your financial situation.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[3 Steps to Financial Independence]]> 2014-10-24T16:52:46Z 2014-10-24T16:52:46Z Taking the consistent action needed to achieve financial success requires good planning and serious dedication. It's hard work, in other words. You’ve got to be highly motivated and driven to your goal of financial success. And we can help you with the planning part. Get started on the path to financial independence with these three steps to take action on now.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[4 Steps to Coming Out Ahead When Buying a Car]]> 2014-10-24T16:53:45Z 2014-10-24T14:40:26Z Unless you live in a city with great public transportation, a vehicle is necessary in order to get around. However, that doesn’t mean you have to buy a brand new car – or pay top dollar for one. Cars don’t make the best investments because they start to lose value the moment you drive it off the lot. Be smart about this purchase, and be ready to negotiate to get the best price.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Is the Sky Falling? How to Handle Market Volatility]]> 2016-09-27T20:27:03Z 2014-10-22T17:00:33Z Spoiler alert: no, the sky is not falling. Don’t let the financial media get you riled up when they start trying to develop an emotional frenzy. When you start hearing dramatic reports about the stock market from media outlets, it’s important to understand that the actual data paints a very different picture than the talking heads on your TV or radio.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Financial Lessons Learned at FinCon]]> 2016-09-27T20:27:06Z 2014-10-10T15:27:44Z Brian and Bo made their first appearance at FinCon this year and share their experiences with you. They also discuss when it makes sense to be a tightwad versus when you should pay the extra money for professional help. Brian and Bo start by reviewing a few tips found in Damian Davila’s article on WiseBread, […]]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Celebrity Money Mistakes and How to Prevent Them]]> 2016-09-27T20:27:20Z 2014-09-26T19:43:20Z Brian and Bo run through money mistakes that celebrities have made and give you some advice on how to correct or avoid making the same mistakes yourself.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Target Date Retirement Funds Pros and Cons]]> 2017-02-15T16:56:51Z 2014-09-15T19:52:30Z Target date funds have been around for two decades now and they continue to evolve and find their place in more and more portfolios. The funds are typically inexpensive and give you a great amount of diversification while targeting an appropriate amount of risk to fit your financial timeline.]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[How Much Insurance Do I Need?]]> 2017-02-15T16:43:32Z 2014-08-29T15:02:11Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Savings Samurai – Nickel Ninja]]> 2016-09-27T20:27:31Z 2014-08-15T17:07:52Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Dollar Cost Averaging…The Discussion Continues]]> 2016-09-27T20:27:36Z 2014-08-01T15:03:51Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Broken Dreams: Take 2]]> 2016-09-27T20:27:43Z 2014-07-18T15:49:37Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Broken Dreams: What’s Going on in Housing?]]> 2016-09-27T20:29:51Z 2014-07-11T13:28:31Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Is The Risk Worth The Reward?]]> 2016-09-27T20:29:55Z 2014-06-27T13:49:43Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[How to Become a Millionaire]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:06Z 2014-06-13T15:46:03Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Top Tips to Prepare for Retirement]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:12Z 2014-05-30T14:09:00Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[How Do You Hold Your Assets?]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:18Z 2014-05-16T13:56:53Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Is Lending Club a Good Idea?]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:28Z 2014-05-02T17:08:11Z 4 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It?]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:34Z 2014-04-18T13:30:37Z 3 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Discussing Money With Your Aging Parents]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:38Z 2014-04-04T16:45:02Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Be An Advocate For Your Wallet]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:43Z 2014-03-21T13:46:03Z 2 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Has Warren Buffett Lost His Golden Touch?]]> 2016-09-27T20:30:49Z 2014-03-07T19:44:10Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Active vs. Passive Investing: Which Works?]]> 2016-09-27T20:33:26Z 2014-02-21T18:54:36Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Tax Essentials]]> 2016-09-27T20:33:35Z 2014-01-31T16:39:13Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Homeowners Insurance 101]]> 2016-09-27T20:33:39Z 2014-01-17T16:12:19Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Benchmarking Financial Success]]> 2016-09-27T20:33:55Z 2014-01-03T18:56:02Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Big Give]]> 2016-09-27T20:34:02Z 2013-12-20T16:15:07Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Finding Your Place in Life]]> 2016-09-27T20:34:02Z 2013-12-06T17:16:32Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Financial Lessons Learned in Vegas]]> 2016-09-27T20:34:10Z 2013-11-15T18:53:54Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Code Red]]> 2016-09-27T20:34:09Z 2013-11-01T15:15:03Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[What Financial Pros Aren’t Telling You]]> 2016-09-27T20:34:17Z 2013-10-18T19:02:09Z This week we analyze the Truths Financial Pro’s Won’t Tell article from the October issue of Consumer Reports and share our thoughts and perspectives with you about working with financial advisors. We also cover the humble story of NFL running back Alfred Morris and his first car. ]]> Brian Preston <![CDATA[Car Buying Tips and Tricks]]> 2016-09-27T20:34:24Z 2013-10-04T16:15:02Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Money-Guy Mashup]]> 2016-09-27T20:37:51Z 2013-09-20T17:16:53Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Addicted to Saving]]> 2016-09-27T20:37:58Z 2013-09-06T15:55:47Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Estate Planning 101]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:01Z 2013-08-23T14:00:06Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[One Stop Loan Shop]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:05Z 2013-08-09T18:18:53Z 5 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Yield! Watch for Dividends]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:11Z 2013-07-26T18:05:27Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[When Investing Right Goes Oh So Wrong]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:16Z 2013-07-12T15:52:37Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[The 30ish Minute Financial Plan]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:25Z 2013-06-28T18:51:40Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Marriage…An Education]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:32Z 2013-06-14T17:50:04Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Love and Marriage… and Finances (Rewind)]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:34Z 2013-05-31T16:23:35Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Risk of Not Taking Risks]]> 2016-09-27T20:38:40Z 2013-05-17T18:13:44Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[10,000 Hours]]> 2016-09-27T20:42:07Z 2013-05-03T19:35:39Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Building Your Dollar Army]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:21Z 2013-04-19T14:45:40Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Investing Truths and How to Avoid the Noise]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:24Z 2013-04-05T15:33:48Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[The A B C’s of Mutual Funds]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:26Z 2013-03-22T19:28:06Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Money-Guy Misses]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:36Z 2013-03-08T18:03:14Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Secrets for a Dream Retirement]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:48Z 2013-02-22T14:58:06Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Life Insurance 101]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:51Z 2013-02-08T18:29:09Z 4 Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Web Vs. Your Financial Advisor]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:54Z 2013-01-25T19:36:29Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[The Money-Guy Answers Your Email]]> 2016-09-27T20:43:58Z 2013-01-11T21:01:36Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Money Truths and Financial Life Lessons from the Money Guys]]> 2016-09-27T20:44:08Z 2012-12-28T20:22:09Z 2 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Is There a Perfect Income for Happiness?]]> 2016-09-27T20:44:12Z 2012-12-14T21:01:24Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[End of Year Tax Planning]]> 2016-09-27T20:50:16Z 2012-11-30T21:21:37Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Now That the Election is Over…]]> 2016-09-27T20:52:39Z 2012-11-09T20:57:59Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Best 529 College Savings Plans]]> 2016-09-27T20:52:46Z 2012-10-26T19:38:15Z Brian Preston <![CDATA[Best Brokers and Retirement Rules of Thumb]]> 2016-09-27T20:52:59Z 2012-10-12T18:39:59Z 1 Brian Preston <![CDATA[Addicted to Saving]]> 2016-09-27T20:53:01Z 2012-09-28T19:08:18Z 2